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What’s my ideal relationship

I wake up and I find him laying there, fast asleep, his breathing slow and deep. He is beautiful. I curl up and look at him until the room lights up with the late morning sun. He stirs. He turns his face towards me, eyes still closed and smiles. “Good morning” he mumbles, blindly reaching for me. His arm smacks my stomach knocking the wind out of me. His eyes shoot open “Oh shit I’m sorry,” he says, laughing as I rub my stomach and stick my tongue out at him. He’s so silly and funny. I get up, only to have an arm snake around me and yank me back into bed. “Oh no you don’t,” he whispers in my ear and he lays me down and makes love to me late in the morning.

Noon rolls around as we get dressed for our Sunday. I read, he reads. He reads to me poems he reads, he likes all the books I like. He gets my love of reading, so much so he finds the books for me now. He and I are a secret book club. My favorite argument of ours was which book was greater. He stormed out of the room when I insulted one of the main characters of his favorite. I thought I was going to be sleeping on the sofa tonight. But he stormed back in with his book, reading excerpts from the book to sway my stance. It didn’t work, but I fell harder for him.

Of course, we go out to eat, and he tells me stories about his favorite food and what he’s working on. I don’t know what he does, but I still listen. I try to help him with his work issues, just as he tries to do the same for me. But we enjoy our work and building on our own. We are creatures molded for solitude, but we thrive when we’re together.

He is so attractive. There’s so much mystery to him, and I to him. I enjoy the small touches he gives me, the small gestures that no one sees. Our courtship was interesting. I waited for him, I took my time with him, like no one I ever dated before. I wasn’t ready to fall in love, but he stood next to me and waited until I was ready to take the leap. Because I was scared. I was looking down at the deep dark abyss of love and I didn’t have a parachute to save me from the fall. It took me a while to finally look up and see that he had it all along.

Patient. He is patient with me and my worries. He’s so full of laughter. Everything is light hearted to him. Even the heavy stuff. He understands. He forgives. He loves freely. He trusts me and I trust him. We are confident in each other and love seeing the other grow. We are two birds flying around the world, sometimes he’ll fly ahead and sometimes I’ll fly ahead but we never move too far that we don’t see the other. And there’s trust that if one of us flies far ahead, we’ll always come back.


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