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Important reminders to live by

  1. Your mother loves you and when she becomes increasingly overbearing it’s only her love showing. Should this love make you want to scream and throw things around your room like a five-year-old, be sure to do it into a pillow and with discretion.
  2. Alcohol isn’t the answer. It never has been and it never will be.
  3. However, sobriety can go fuck itself every once in a while.
  4. Don’t get attached to the material. You don’t need that cute crop top that you’ll wear once, you don’t need a new dress when you have 5 others in your closet waiting to be worn. Live simply, it’ll declutter your mind and closet. Lord knows you need both.
  5. Read more, watch TV less.
  6. Gossiping about other people only makes you look bad to other people. Even if you’re gossiping with them, they’ll still regard you as a gossiper and they’ll keep you at an arm’s length.
  7. Don’t be mean. Grown people have no reason to be rude and despicable. All our brain parts are developed, you have no lack of understanding to excuse your actions. You’ve seen the studies, the movies, the TV shows, hell you probably know people who’ve been victims. You know what being mean does to people, what it can lead them to do. Grow up and grow a conscience.
  8. Just don’t do shitty things unless you want shitty things done to you
  9. Workout in the mornings. Sure everyone has their own schedule that works for them, but morning workouts are undisputedly the best. Empty gyms, more equipment to freely use, and that sweet, sweet satisfaction that comes with doing something productive when most folks are still asleep are all winning arguments. Don’t even try me on this one.
  10. Do something you love every day. Who knows how long we have on this Earth, spend your time making yourself and others happy.
  11. Don’t forget about your friends and family when your life starts to change. Don’t only turn to them when things are hard. Make time for them. There’s nothing in this life more important than the relationships and love we have.
  12. FOMO, the fear of missing out, is really the fear of not being able to bond with people and form connections. Just because you couldn’t make it to a happy hour doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance at forming bonds with people. Be patient, be confident, and be yourself. You will be just fine.
  13. Go to bed hungry, drink more water, leave your house and stand in the sun for a few minutes. Take care of your body, it’s not (all) replaceable.
  14. People who believe that humor doesn’t have a place in certain situations are sad people and you should try to make them laugh at every given opportunity. When they don’t laugh, they’re actually crying out for more humor. Do the Lord’s work and give them what they need.
  15. Speaking of God, know that religion is what you make of it. Some people believe in staying true to their scriptures and abiding by every commandment, while some believe in a more lax approach. Take time to figure out your beliefs and I even encourage you to stray a little off the beaten path to really understand what you hold sacred. God’s omniscient, he’ll understand.
  17. Do things by yourself. It’ll make you more confident and satisfied with yourself, and who knows who’ll approach you if you’re on your own.
  18. Talk to your cab/uber/lyft drivers. They almost always have interesting life stories to tell you. I swear it’s like a prerequisite or something
  19. Tip generously. People live off those tips, don’t be a monster like our economic system.
  20. He’s so not worth it.

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